About The Artist

Photo credit: 2009 Tony Burgard

Where I come from:

Originally from North Dakota, I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Moorhead State University in 1998. From there I moved on to work as a computer graphics artist, freelance illustrator, and newspaper graphics designer/illustrator. In 2001 I uprooted myself and headed west in search of new horizons (and more trees!) to Seattle.

What I am:

An illustrator and storyteller. The two are intertwined for me; storybook and cover illustrations are my first love, with comic art and animation coming a close second. I love the deceptive simplicity of the Zen aesthetic and of Japanese and Chinese calligraphy, the crisp clean lines of ink on paper, shapes and pattern. I don't like telling people what they should see in my work; I believe that every piece should tell its own story without outside interference.

Where I'm going:

I currently do tattoo commissions, original illustrations, logos and other work, both personal and professional. Along with this and the usual collection of tag-ends of a hundred unfinished ideas, I also exhibit my work yearly at several local Pacific NW conventions, including Sakuracon, Rainfurrest and others. For my current convention schedule, see below:


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