Every commission is a little different, of course, but here is a general overview of the design process:


  • At the beginning of the project, an invoice is sent, usually via Paypal, to the client for half the estimated price of the design/illustration as a deposit. A formal estimate can also be sent at the client's request, showing the breakdown in hours/price, based on their design requirements.

  • When the initial deposit is received, I create up to 3-4 different idea sketches for the client to review. Once the client picks a sketch or idea that they like, I begin refining the design. This part of the process often involves sending a few different in-progress versions to the client for approval and/or any necessary changes.

  • Once the design is finished, a final invoice is sent for the remainder of the project payment. When that final payment is received, the final, high-resolution files and/or finished prints for the design are sent to the client. For tattoo designs, two different versions are usually sent: one outlined pattern for use by the tattoo artist, and a full art version for the client. Logos and tattoo designs also can be resized as large or as small as needed at the client's request.

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